Kirk I Reiten

Hi, I'm Kirk, founder and president of Extreme Access And Adventures. I've always been the explorer / outdoors type even with my disability.  Going places, doing things and just being a normal guy is basically what I'm all about. I'm a Systems Analyst for The Boeing Company who hired me in 1979.

I developped my own sign language.   Click the left if you're interested in how it works.

In case you wonder how I type, well, they say a picture is worth a thousand words so, just click the picture to the left.  Depending on the day, the speed of my typing can vary from 15 to 25 words per minute.  I started typing like this in about 1967.  It has served me well.  In 1993, I asked some friends in the Mock-up shop at Boeing if they could make a lighter model of a typing hat.  The result is what's pictured...  Thanks to Dick Neilson and others.

I made and maintain this website and it's content, and, I hope you find it useful and enjoyable..

A small autobiography is to the left.  !!! CAUTION !!! Do Not read this while driving or using heavy machinery.  It could cause drowsiness.

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