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Phone: 206-852-0445

Extreme Access And Adventures
1000 NW 180TH ST
Shoreline, WA 98177

Extreme Access And Adventures, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded upon being committed to bringing individuals with disabilities together with the outdoors. Extreme Access is planning to be on the forefront of disabled recreations, and will open the door to new mobility opportunities that cannot be found any where else. Extreme Access is a service dedicated to finding and providing the most accessible sites for outdoor recreations.

We will explore, document and map out hundreds of exciting recreational sites: camp sites, hiking trails, theme parks, beaches, logging roads, lakes, hotels and restaurants, rating each one individually on its accessibility. Our rating system will also be accompanied by an array of multimedia from each individual site. All of this exciting data will be presented on our website free of charge.

All of us at Extreme access are dedicated to making this service possible. We hope that others will realize the positive impact Extreme Access will have on the disabled community, and therefore support our cause. We ask that you take a moment and think about how your help can make a difference. We hope you can partner with us in making the outdoors a reality for all handicapped individuals. Thank you for your time and Patience.


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