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Grand Canyon Lipan Point

John Bilideau and I made a loop of the Western United States in December of 2004.  See Grand Canyon Airlines for details. On the afternoon that we left the Canyon, heading north, we stopped at all of the road side view points.

Most were no brainer’s for disabled friendly, however one of the view points -- I had to make a new classification for this site.  I’m thinking of lnaming the classification “Sites Designed By Idiots.”

This was an awesome outlook.  However, it had no curb cuts, so we did the van lift trickto get me over the curb.  After I was on the curb, I saw why there weren’t any cuts.  Right before the outlook, they put two shallow cement steps.  It would had been absolutely no problem to put in a sloping cement ramp.  I didn’t see any safety issues.  The only thing I could think of , is if a wheelchair freewheeled down the ramp. Even then, they had a good cyclone fence there.

I could have asked John to get the two pieces of five foot plywood that I always carry in the van. However, I was just a bit frustrated as to why someone would design something like this. I thought, “forget this…” and we left.

So, if you’d like to contact the Grand Canyon National Park Service, be my guest.  I would suggest being kind, the NPS does the best they can.

The above is not a slam on the NPS nor Grand Canyon.  I assume they contract out to design sites.

Good Luck.

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