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Ah-Pah Trail

This is an awesome trail if you don't mind bear droppings. Tom, the one in the blue shirt wanted to find a bear and try his knife out but, oh well...

As I was saying this trail is awesome. It is about 20-30 miles south of Crescent City and not well marked. The full name is Ah-Pah Interactive Trail.

Almost any wheelchair could run it except for two bad bumps and the trailhead has a log across it. You can bypass the log by going up a hill where the sign is then come down onto the trail. That's where I an in the top photo.

I used an OmegaTrac, which handled everything great. I did ask Tom to spot me since I'm still learning the max limits of the chair.

As you can see, the chair had dualies. I didn?t need them ? I just toss them on as a habit. The trail was so good it didn't need them. You do need to watch where you go. The trail is wide enough for chairs but it does have steep drop offs. I OFTEN REMOVE MY SEAT BELT ON THESE TYPES OF TRAILS so if I happed to steer REAL BAD or the controller freaks I can bail on the first roll. It has never happened but, "plan for the worst, hope for the best."

The trail is a quarter mile long of extremely packed dirt. It has three or four 90-degree turns but no big deal. The grade slopes up and down slightly but it is nothing to any electric wheelchair. If you were to push yourself in a manual chair, it would be ok if you're good at it. This is an easy trail. I'd recommend it to almost anyone except if your spine absolutely can NOT BE JOSSELED.

The trail starts out going into a green foresty area then trees start. You'll usually have a dirt bank on your right or steep sloping woods. Usually on your left is a steep slope or drop off into woods. There is a burnt out tree that the trail goes through at about the half waypoint. The trail dead ends so you just turn around and come back.

Its simply a good trail... Enjoy it... I did.

Oh yeah, I'm Kirk Reiten, The guy in Red is my good friend Marc Harris, The guy on blue is my good friend Tom Timmerman.

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