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Heceta Head Lighthouse

Heceta Head.

On our May 2005 tour, John Biladeau III and I did a Seattle, San Francisco, Yosemite, and back loop. We took highway 101 southbound, I-5 north, and a few highways east and west. It was a fun trip.

One place that I wanted to check out was Heceta Head Lighthouse. We spent the night at the Best Western in Florence Oregon which wasn't the best. The hot tub has NO WHEELCHAIR ACCESS.

The next morning, we back tracked about 35 miles north on 101, arriving at Heceta Head about 10:30AM on a nice sunny day. The first and only setback was parking was $3. I don't use much cash. I had a buck and we found enough coin in the van to pay the automated machine.

The walkway up to the lighthouse is well groomed packed dirt with patches of gravel. The walk was beautiful. There are a lot of wooded areas on the first leg of the trip. The path then opens onto a level part where the lighthouse keepers lived which is now a bed and breakfast. A gift shop is also around the area.

The second leg of the path is more like a gravel road leading up to the actual lighthouse. You'll rise about 200ft from the parking lot to the lighthouse. I had absolutely no problem going up or down the path.

There is NO WHEELCHAIR ACCESS up into the actual lighthouse, but that was assumed. It is simply a good outing that I really enjoyed.

I hope you get a chance to experience Heceta Head.

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