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Dungeness Spit

Marc, Travis and I were stayed the night in Port Angeles Washington last September. The next morning, after an awesome time soaking in the Best Western Olympic Lodge's outdoor hot tub, we decided to check out Dungeness Spit before boarding the Coho to Victoria. The spit is 7 miles East on 101. About 12 miles total, after the side roads, from Port Angeles in or by a town called Sequim.

We got to Dungeness Spit about 1PM. It was real sunny, and around 80 degrees. I asked Marc to put my duelies on because we were headed for sand. After the chair was rigged, off we went.

At the main trail head, there was a $3 fee that we paid. The first 3/4 of a mile of the 5-1/2 mile hike was great. Real hard packed dirt -- I could hardly see my tire tracks. The trail had some turns but most of it was wide enough for a car.

As I said, the first 3/4 of a mile was great but then the trail starts down the side of a healthy cliff. Nothing dangerous, it was just rather steep. Steep enough so that I wouldn't recommend running a fixed frame wheelchairs like Quickie P-300 without a friend with you.

You do see an awesome view of the spit and the Strait of Juan de Fuca. After that, well the access turns rough fast.

The view from the beach is great but after that, if you don't have some type of ATV it's time to turn around. The type of sand was a fine, gravel. I have an Omega Trac with dual tires and I started fishtailing.

I tried for about a half hour to get a handle on how to drive that grit but everything I tried either fishtailed or dug in. So that was that. It was fun but it wasn't worth 3 bucks!

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